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8 Reasons Why a Sober Buddy Is Essential

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Whether you call them a sober buddy, a sober living companion, or another similar term, one thing is for sure: they can play an integral role on the journey of getting and staying sober. 

Today, we’re going to tell you why sober buddies and companions are essential for so many people. We’ll also answer important questions surrounding the topic, including how to become a sober companion and more.

Before we get into the reasons a sober living companion is essential, let’s first begin with some common questions to cover the basics.

What is a Sober Buddy?

We break down what it means to work with a sober companion or buddy on this page, including that:

“A sober companion is someone who confidentially guides someone in their new path of recovery. Their goal is to help to maintain sobriety and focus on setting goals towards a better future for you.

Sober companions engage with individuals in their home environment to achieve these goals. They typically live in the home of the person receiving help. This can be done for any period of time ranging from two weeks to a year, depending on the circumstances and the individual’s needs.”

What is the Role of a Sober Companion?

The exact role of a sober companion can vary depending on their client’s specific needs and circumstances. 

However, sober companion at Elysian Sober Services offer these specialized services to meet the needs of our clients:

Living in recovery

Sober buddies help prepare living spaces and make sure the home environment is free from drugs and alcohol. Additionally, they help redirect negative behavior that isn’t conducive to recovery. They might live with the person in recovery 24/7 or on a part-time basis.

Teaching recovery

A sober living companion will also help their client establish regular and healthy sleep habits that assist in daily sober living. They teach these, and other healthy habits including healthy eating and exercise by encouraging proper nutrition and fitness. Along with these practices, they will also help clients develop daily practices meant to prevent relapse.


Another important part of a sober companion’s role involves helping the client develop a network of positive people who will support their recovery. As their companion, they will also regularly talk and share concerns about long-term recovery. This also means encouraging positive actions, steps, and behaviors to help build self-esteem. Finally, they will also facilitate rekindling and repairing relationships with loved ones. 

(Another sober service you might be interested in is what’s known as a sober escort. Simply put, our sober transportation guides are sober people who transport you discreetly and confidentially. This support is here for those who do not have means of transportation in early sobriety or just need accountability while going to a from appointments. Learn more about the benefits of this service here)

How Much Does a Sober Living Companion Cost?

The cost of a sober companion depends on the demands of the job and the unique needs of the client. As such, costs of services will vary. With that being said, on average, the cost per day is equal to the daily cost of a mid-priced residential program. Currently, most major insurances are not able to cover sober companionship services.

Do I Need a Sober Companion?

This is an important question to ask! In many cases, the fact you’re asking if you need a sober companion or a buddy is a sure sign you do. 

Sober companionship was made for those who are looking for an alternative to traditional treatment services. With either route, long-term sobriety cannot be guaranteed. However, having a sober companion has been proven to be an effective way to sustain long-term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Another sign a sober companion might be right for you is if you have tried residential treatment in the past and it didn’t work. At the same time, if a client is unable to enter a residential facility, a sober companion is a powerful course of action to get a head-start on a new life.

(Sober companions and sober buddies serve different, but similarly important roles. A sober coach is someone who helps individuals through the low spots of early recovery. Unlike sober buddies, sober coaches do not live with individuals. However, they do offer a multitude of services very similar to sober companions. Learn more about working with a sober coach in this post)

How Long Will I Need a Sober Buddy?

This is different for everyone! Sober companions can stay with their clients for hours, days, or weeks. In some cases, it could even be months. The length of treatment is determined by each client’s individual needs. Each sober living companion from Elysian Sober Services tailors their schedule to the needs of the client and stays with them until their services are no longer needed.

How Can I Become a Sober Companion?

You might be here because you’re wondering about a sober companion for yourself. But you could also be here because you’d like to become a sober companion yourself. Perhaps you have worked with one in the past and realized what an integral role they played in your recovery. Now, you’re ready to return the favor and provide that same support to other people on a journey to sobriety.

There are several different ways to become a sober companion, especially at an unofficial level. When it comes to working for Elysian Sober Services, however, we hand-pick our staff from people who have multiple years of sobriety and are all Nationally Certified Event Interventionists. Specifically trained on how to intervene in the life of someone who has a substance use disorder, and gets them the help they need. It’s essential to us that they truly understand what it is like to be completely powerless over alcohol and drugs. Additionally, all of our staff have been trained in the field to know and understand relapse patterns and behaviors.

Click here to learn more about our team members, or contact us to learn more about joining our team. 

Now, let’s get to those eight reasons why having a sober companion is essential!

8 Reasons Why a Sober Living Companion Is Essential

1. A safe space: They offer unbiased support and judgment-free space, additionally they can keep drugs and alcohol out of your home making it a safe space in another way.

2. Motivation and encouragement: Sober buddies provide motivation and encouragement it’s hard to find elsewhere

3. Experience: Our sober buddies have been through addiction themselves so they know how to help

4. Accountability: A sober companion can hold their client accountable for their actions rather than enabling problematic behavior

5. Monitor: Your sober living companion can monitor who you have contact with to ensure you’re not turning to problematic or triggering relationships. 

6. Mending: Your sober companion can help you reconnect with loved ones and create healthier, stronger relationships

7. An extra set of eyes: As much as your family members or loved ones want to be there all of the time to ensure you don’t fall back into addiction, it isn’t always possible. Not to mention, this isn’t always the healthiest choice either. But your sober companion can be the extra set of eyes necessary for keeping you on the right path. They know what to watch for as well as how to intervene when necessary.

8. Dedicated support: Again, as much as your family might like to be there all the time, this isn’t always the right type of support for everyone in recovery. Your family members have lives and jobs themselves, but your sober living companion can dedicate themselves entirely to you during those early stages of your recovery. 

Are you ready to take this next step and explore the possibility of working with your own sober companion in Florida? Our dedicated and compassionate team is on standby to help. Contact us today. 

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