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Elysian Sober services is now offering ARISE® model intervention services!

Why choose an ARISE®

ARISE® Comprehensive Care with Invitational Intervention® is the only evidenced based intervention model that exists.

ARISE® gets over 83% of addicted individuals into treatment in three weeks. 96% enter treatment in six months. 61% problem substance & behavior free at 1 year, with 10% more using less.

  The ARISE® model of interventions (ARISE       stands for “A Relational Intervention Sequence for Engagement”) is a method of engaging people in treatment for substance use disorders and other behavioral health issues that emphasizes the importance of building relationships and involving the person’s entire social network in the intervention process.

The model has several key features:

  1. It is a community-based approach that involves the person’s family, friends, and other support systems in the intervention process.
  1. It is based on the principle that people are more likely to change when they feel that those around them care about them and support them.
  1. It utilizes motivational interviewing techniques to help the person identify their own reasons for wanting to change, rather than relying on external pressure.
  1. It is a non-confrontational approach that avoids blame and criticism and instead focuses on building a positive and supportive environment for change.
  1. It is flexible and can be adapted to the specific needs and circumstances of the individual and their support network.
Overall, the ARISE® model of interventions is a person-centered, relationship-based approach that aims to facilitate change by engaging the person’s entire social network and helping them to identify their own motivations for change.

Alexandria Dennison,

Meet Alexandria Dennison, a dedicated professional with 7 years of experience in the behavioral health field. 

With a diverse background in clinical, operational, and marketing aspects of the industry, she has successfully run multiple departments, created, and executed policies and procedures, and was a part of an executive team. rowing up in Oklahoma and moving to Florida in 2015 in search of better opportunities, Alex profoundly understands the challenges faced by those affected by substance abuse. 

She has personally been impacted by it through her parents and sister. Alexandria is currently furthering her education in the healthcare industry, having successfully completed the Arise Intervention Workshop. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, having new experiences with loved ones, being outdoors, and spending quality time with friends and family.

Her friends describe Alexandria as ambitious, hardworking, caring, generous, compassionate, and funny. She is a dedicated professional with a passion for helping others and a commitment to making a positive impact in the behavioral health field

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