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Frequently Asked Questions

The main role of a sober companion is to encourage the client to make healthy life choices, doing so by example. Sober companions are those who are in recovery themselves and have a solution for staying sober, long-term. They offer a wide variety of services, ranging from running errands, transport to work, going to 12 step meetings, making sure the home of the client is clear from drugs or alcohol, and other tasks that help support the client in their journey to sobriety.

No, a client is not required to enter in-patient treatment before hiring a sober companion. A sober companion is an effective form of treatment for those who are unwilling, or unable, to enter a residential treatment facility. Sober companions also offer extended after-care to those who have completed a residential treatment program and are effective in helping the client apply tools that help prevent relapse.

Sober companions can stay with their clients for hours, days, weeks, and even longer in some cases. The length of treatment is determined by each client’s individual needs. Each sober companion will tailor their schedule to the needs of the client and stay with them until their services are no longer needed.

The cost of a sober companion depends on the demands of the job and the needs of the client. Costs of services may vary but on average, the cost per day is equal to the daily cost of a mid-priced residential program. At this time, most major insurances are not able to cover sober companionship services.

Sober companionship is for those who are looking for an alternative to traditional treatment services. While long-term sobriety cannot be guaranteed, having a sober companion has been proven to be an effective way to building a life free of drugs or alcohol. If a client has been to residential treatment and it has not worked, or if a client is unable to enter a residential facility, a sober companion would be the best course of action to get a head-start on a new life.

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