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What Are Sober Escorts & How Do They Differ from Coaches & Companions?

What Are Sober Escorts and How Do They Differ from Coaches and Companions?

Whether you have already started your recovery journey or you’re determined to begin soon, you might be considering enlisting the help of a sober escorts, coaches, or companions. Each of these can be a critical form of support throughout your journey. But they serve different purposes and it’s important to understand these differences so you can choose the right match for your needs.

In today’s post, we’re going to focus specifically on one of these services: sober escorts. We’ll tell you exactly what this service entails, how it differs from companions and coaches, and much more. 

To begin, let’s talk about how services vary between sober escorts, companions, and coaches. 

Sober Escorts Vs Sober Companions Vs Sober Coach

As you can probably guess, escorts, coaches, and companions are all an integral part of your journey to recovery and staying on the path of sobriety. Let’s take a closer look at what each of these services involves.

Sober Escorts

At Elysian Sober Services, our sober escorts are sober individuals who transport clients discreetly and confidentially. This support is here for those who do not have means of transportation in early sobriety. Additionally, this support is helpful for those who need accountability while going to and from appointments. This includes sober transportation to and from events, the gym, social gatherings, groceries and errands, and more. It also involves travel assistance, including airport transportation and assistance on business trips or vacations.

Finally, it can also include transportation and escorting to and from:

  • 12-step meetings
  • Sponsorship meetups
  • Doctors appointments
  • Therapy appointments
  • Residential treatment programs
  • Business trips

Sober Companions

A sober companion is the most intense and involved form of support during recovery. In most cases, it involves the companion living with the person in recovery so they can be there to support them face-to-face 24/7. Sober companions work with the goal of helping maintain sobriety and focus on setting goals towards a better future for their clients.

Sober companions engage with individuals in their home environment to achieve these goals. This can be done for any period of time ranging from two weeks to a year, depending on the circumstances and the individuals’ needs. We generally recommend this for clients seeking a continuum of care after residential treatment

To learn more about our sober companion services, click here

Sober Coaches

A sober coach offers similar support to a companion, however it is not as intense in its frequency. At Elysian Sober Services, our sober coaches check in with clients once a day. They will also meet with our clients five days a week in person to provide more comprehensive treatment.  

Visit this link to get more details about our sober coaching services in South Florida.

Who Benefits Most from These Services?

Depending on your unique needs, an escort, coach, companion, or a combination of these services might be right for you. 

Here are a few examples of when one particular service is better suited.

Adolescents and teens

For adolescents and teens who live with their families or in a group home setting can particularly benefit from sober escort services. Many of these clients already have regular supervision at their home or at school. However, getting to and from these destinations can be where problems arise. These services can be relied upon for getting teens and adolescents to important appointments, therapy, school, and much more. 

Not only is this additional support beneficial for the client, but it can also ease the burden on family members who have been taking on all of this responsibility themselves.


If you have a sober coach or companion, you can rely on their support throughout when you travel. Whether your companion travels with you or you have regular phone check-ins with your coach, this support can be invaluable. If you are traveling to and from places where you have support systems in place, a sober escort can be useful for making sure you don’t have a lapse in support on your way to these destinations.

For many people in recovery, something as simple as traveling past a bar they used to frequent can be enough to trigger urges that would set them back in their recovery. With a sober escort by your side, you have the accountability and security to resist these urges. At the same time, it can also essentially ensure you get to your destination without interruption. So, whether you’re traveling to an out of town event or just within your city, this escort is a useful resource for helping you stick to your goals. 

Busy professionals

As a child, you may have longed for the days of adulthood when you could do what you want when you want. Now that you’re in that phase, you can see how this freedom is particularly problematic for individuals in recovery from addiction. When you’re at work or surrounded by positive influences and peers, it may not be as difficult to stay on track. But what about at the end of the day when you’re alone and left to your own devices? In these cases, hiring a sober coach or companion can be an incredibly positive decision. 

For example, your sober companion can either accompany you throughout the day, or be there when you’re home at the end of the day and help you stick to your goals. A sober companion is a more intensive form of support. This is useful for people who may be closer to the start of their sober journey.

On the other hand, if regular phone check-ins along with weekly face-to-face meetings are more suitable for your life and your journey, sober coaches are a helpful resource. As you continue on your journey, they can support you and provide you with the resources you need to remain on the right path.

If residential treatment is not an option

If you are someone who would benefit from residential treatment for addiction but this isn’t an option, a sober companion is an alternative to consider. This level of service is as close as you can get to in-patient treatment without moving out of your residence into a separate treatment facility. To begin this process, our sober companions will prepare your living space and make sure your home environment is free from drugs and alcohol. Then, they will continue supporting you as you live in recovery, including by redirecting negative behavior that isn’t conducive to your recovery.

Throughout their time with you, coaches and companions can both help you learn healthy coping skills, build a positive sober community, mend relationships, encourage fitness and wellness, and much more. 

Sober Escorts from Elysian Sober Services

Are you looking for sober escort services? Or perhaps a constant companion or regular check-ins are best for you. No matter what kind of support you need on your journey, we are here to provide it. We are committed to helping people with addiction overcome the past and move forward into a bright future. 

Our sober escorts are there to assist in getting you or your loved one around. Whether you need transportation home, to or from an airport, or simply just need assistance getting around town, our team is here to help. Our sober escorts are licensed, in recovery themselves, and ready to help you adapt to living in recovery. 

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