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Certified Event Interventionist

How We Help You Or Your Loved One Understand & Overcome Addiction & Alcoholism.

Our Intervention Process

Taking The First Step. How We Help

An intervention is a process by which the addict’s family members, friends or colleagues confront the individual in question about their substance abuse problem. 

This confrontation is done with the aim of convincing them to enter a rehabilitation center for treatment.

Selecting an effective team is usually the final piece of the puzzle. All of our team members here at Elysian Sober Services are Certified Event Interventionists. Our team works to plan the most effective intervention which is carefully designed around an individual’s specific issues. Each person has different needs that must be addressed before they can successfully recover from substance abuse. 

Consequently, our professional interventionists take the time to conduct thorough research on our clients’ backgrounds, including family history of substance abuse and any psychological or emotional issues that may be relevant.


Our Process Of Getting Your Loved Ones Help

After our team completes the research process, our certified event interventionists will help your loved one create a plan for confronting their target and obtaining evidence of their substance abuse problem to present to them in an effort to inspire them to take action.

Our Certified Event Interventionist Services

What Do We Offer As A Certified Event Interventionist?

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Inspection & Research

There are many ways of establishing the needs of a drug addict or alcoholic when the individual in question has already recognized there’s might be serious problem, although they’ve yet to get help. We seek out this information to help motivate your loved one.

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When one of our experienced certified event interventionist talks to a loved one, they often see the exact point where the individual in question starts shutting down and withdraws from conversations about their recovery efforts.


With our certified event interventionists’ guidance, family members carefully construct a concise and effective presentation that clearly demonstrates how reliance on alcohol or drugs has affected their lives.

Emergency Interventions

In the event that an individual needs to get help urgently, our team at Elysian handles our process of helping, quickly and efficiently.

Traditional methods of interventions can be long and drawn out, reducing the success of getting your loved one into treatment.
When this happens, there is more time for the individual to harm themselves even further, by continuing to practice harmful behaviors, drug-use, or continued alcohol-use. 

Our team sets forth to provide an intervention & get your loved-one into an emergency room, or treatment center as soon as possible, will prove to be much more beneficial than waiting around and planning.

Saving A Life

Most times, an addict or alcoholic’s life can be saved due to a timely, planned intervention. Getting your loved-one to admit they need help can be a very difficult task. We understand how important it is to get them help as soon as possible.
As we all know, if left untreated, addiction and alcoholism can be fatal. 

On the other side of the coin, we also understand how hard it is for families to watch their loved ones slowly destroy their lives, and the lives of the people around them.
Our team here at Elysian believes that you can always get someone help sooner by intervening.

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